SIVACON S8-SIEMENS LV S8 Sivacon Switchgear

Category: Low Voltage

SIVACON S8-SIEMENS LV S8 Sivacon Switchgear



The SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board sets new standards as a power distribution board orMotor Control Centre (MCC) for industrial applications or in the infrastructure. The power distribution board system up to 7,000 A , 150 kA and IP54 (IEC 61439-2) for the simple and consistent distribution of power guarantees maximum personal and plant safety, offers a wide range of possible uses.

SIVACON S8 stands for the highest level of safety. The low-voltage power distribution board is a design-tested power switch- and controlgear assembly with a design verified by verification tests. An arcing fault-resistant locking system also ensures verification of testing under arcing conditions is in accordance with IEC 61641 and VDE 0660 part 500-2.

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