Sentron Busway System

Category: Busduct
Brand: Siemens

Sentron Busway System



The complexity of today’s buildings makes power distribution with a high level of transparency and flexibility an indispensable requirement. The uninterrupted provision of power is also absolutely essential for production plants with multiple shifts. Busbar trunking system meets these demands for an economical power distribution system with simple design, quick Installation, optimum flexibility and safety by offering:

- Straightforward network structures.

- Minimum space requirements.

- Easy retrofitting with sudden changes in location and consumer ratings.

- High short-circuit rating and low fire load.

The busbar trunking system is a design verified low-voltage assembly in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-6 in the form of an aluminum enclosed sandwich system. The sandwich system consists of busbars, insulation, the aluminum housing and the fastening and connection elements.

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