Fixed-Mounted Gas-Insulated Switchgear Type NXPLUS C up to 24 kV

Category: Medium Voltage
Brand: Siemens

Fixed-Mounted Gas-Insulated Switchgear Type NXPLUS C up to 24 kV



The switchgear NXPLUS C is a maintenance-free, factory-assembled and type-tested medium  voltage switchgear.It is three-pole metal-enclosed and SF6-insulated.

Vacuum circuit-breaker, switch-disconnector, disconnector and vacuum contactor panels are available. All panel types up to 1250 A have the same dimensions.The core of the switchgear consists of hermetically welded containers made of corrosionresistant stainless steel, accommodating the primary devices (circuit-breaker and three position switch).

The switchgear is sealed for life. The individual panels are interconnected by solid-insulated busbars outside the gas compartments.

Gas work is not required, neither for installation at site nor for extension of the switchgear. The operating mechanisms of the vacuum circuit-breaker, three-position switch-disconnector, three-position disconnector and vacuum contactor are located outside the gas compartment and are therefore accessible at any time. The operating mechanisms are maintenance-free. Current and voltage transformers are located outside the gas compartment.

Cables are connected from the front. They are arranged at one level side-by-side and at a user-friendly mounting height.

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