Corona Virus Opponents - Good Habits at Work

Concerns about contracting COVID-19 might envelop workers who until now still have to move outside the home. To stay safe outside the home or office, workers must apply the correct and effective COVID-19 prevention measures.

The government also calls on people to implement physical distancing and to carry out activities from home, including working. However, not a few people who still have to work outside the home, either because of the demands of the profession or family economic needs.

Therefore, in this case the Government through the Ministry of Health has issued Minister of Health Decree Number HK.01.07/MENKES/328/2020 concerning Guidelines for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Office and Industrial Workplaces in Supporting Business Sustainability in Pandemic Situations.

And also in this case the government cannot act individually, but workers also need to take a role to avoid this virus outbreak, if you want to minimize the risk of infection and also improve your overall health. How to? here are some good habits that need to be applied at work:

1. Personal Hygiene : Healthy Habits Include Good Grooming

- Stop hand shakes and use non-contact greeting methods.

- Clean hands at door and schedule regular hand washing reminders.

- Disinfect surface like doorknobs, table, and desk regularly.

- Avoid touching your face and cover your coughs and sneezes.

- Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning.

2. Limit Meetings and non-essential travels

- Use video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings.

- When calls are not possible, hold your meetings in well-ventiled rooms and spaces.

- Suspend all non-essential travels and trips.

3. Stay Home

Stay home if you feeling sick or you have a sick family member at home.

4. Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Out break are a stressful and anxious time for everyone. We're here to support you! Reach out to HSE Dept.

4 steps of good habits can be applied when "New Normal" like this, with the aim of reducing the risk of transmission and spread of disease and make you a clean and healthy person.