Engineering is a crucial process in any switchgear manufacturing process. We ensure the suitable design, innovation, and technology are implemented to meet users’ specification and produce the best quality switchgears.

Our team of engineers are highly skilled and equipped with the latest software to stay current with technology. Our engineers use Simaris NXTools, E3 series, and Solidedge CAD to accommodate our users.


We utilise pre-wiring (harness system) so we can guarantee an appropriate crimp termination process. We also check the crimp thoroughly to ensure the crimps are in their finest quality and avoid any inconsistencies. Regular check also speeds up the production process, because it can be done in parallel with mechanic assembly process. 

We offer selection of flexible wiring system solutions to meet users application, environment, and performance expectations. An excellent and organised harness system will go a long way and will last for decades to come.


A thorough pre-wiring system will ease the wiring process, which is the continuation of pre-wiring. Our team of technicians are highly skilled to produce an efficient wiring process. Equipped with the high-end tools, they are hands on to assemble the switchgears in accordance with users’ specification.


An in-house process will cut idle time and increase production speed effectively. We have our own team to do the copper busbar bending process.

Supported with the latest technologies & cutting edge machines, our busbar production can be done faster with high accuracy.


Powertek Indo Asia are filled with experts and very well-versed in switchgears, the testing process is to assure every products are according to users specification, qualification, and comply both national & international standards.